I developed four backgrounds for the app Cloyvr, for them to use on their website and within the development of their app. 2021.

Cloyr is based around the idea of making decentralized apps accessible to a wider audience, breaking down the “garden wall” of tech knowledge. The concept they came to me with was images that portrayed a liminal space between nature and society, dawn and dusk, a natural place that is just a little strange. On our first round of concepts, we were coming up with two illustrations for the app’s category pages, and two illustrations for their garden landing pages. 

We narrowed down our choices Garden BG4, Category BG 2, and category BG 5. We pirvoted directions from the categories before, and the client provided four different frameworks for the illustrations: “To the Moon” “Community Spaces” “The Garden” and “Working Together.” For The Garden, we applied Category BG 2, but wanted to open up the illustration more and really make it feel like a peaceful and strange forest clearing someone stumbled upon. They wanted to apply the hopeful dawn light from Garden BG 5 to Garden BG 4 to create “Community Spaces.” They chose Garden BG 2 for “To The Moon,” but really wanted to highlight the cityscape and a futuristic spaceship filled skyline. We also wanted to adjust the colors for “Working Together” and make it feel more like a warm sunset instead of the twilight right after.

I also redesigned and animated their friendly mascot, Otto the Otter. 

In use: