I’m Colleen, an illustrator and motion designer, who loves anything emotive, magical and organic. 

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I developed four backgrounds for the app Cloyvr, for them to use on their website and within the development of their app. 2021.

Cloyvr is based around the idea of making decentralized apps accessible to a wider audience, breaking down the “garden wall” of tech knowledge. The concept they came to me with was images that portrayed a liminal space between nature and society, dawn and dusk, a natural place that is just a little strange. On our first round of concepts, we were coming up with two illustrations for the app’s category pages, and two illustrations for their garden landing pages. 

First round of development

We ended up going with four different categorizations in the end, combining some of the previous sketches to create our final product.

Second round of development

I also redesigned and animated their friendly mascot, Otto the Otter.

In use:

All works © Colleen Tighe